5 Tips to Stay On-Task When Working from Home

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Work from home jobs are becoming more and more prevalent, with nearly one in five Americans not setting foot in an office at all. The notion of a work-life balance is an idea that many millennials enjoy and prefer. But with so many possible distractions, do you have the tools it takes to be productive when working from home? Follow these easy tips to stay motivated and on-task

Get (actually) dressed

No, sweatpants don’t count! While hanging out in pajamas all day sounds fun, it’s a great idea to get dressed in casual, yet real clothes to help you get motivated.

Listen to your brain to determine breaks

Believe it or not, science proves that our brain has ways of telling us that it’s time for a break from work. Do you find yourself distracted, scrolling through mindless internet pages, or grabbing your phone to play a game? Listen to these signals and take a few minutes to refresh yourself so you’re better able to focus.

Create a workspace you enjoy

Put forth some real time and energy to create a work area that not only helps you stay productive, but that you actually enjoy! Target and IKEA have great, inexpensive home office furniture and super cute supplies to make your home office your new favorite place to be.

Use a reliable internet provider and conference calling solution

There’s nothing more stressful than not being able to communicate with your clients and colleagues while working from home. Upgrade your monthly internet bandwidth to guarantee your connection and leverage a reliable conference calling solution that has best-in-class technology and customer service to ensure you’ll never miss a meeting.

Take it easy on yourself

Although working from home has its benefits, no one is saying it’s easy! Cut yourself some slack if you have an ‘off day’ or were met with more distractions than you would have liked. Create a schedule, write a checklist and jump right back in business tomorrow!

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